I have been surrounded by food all my life. From the thought of the next meal, the preparation, to enjoying a meal; my family was always hungry for what came next. I was never adventurous in wanting to try something outside the Chinese, Italian, or French worlds of cuisine. If it had not been for the past few years of being a little more courageous here and there, I would not have fallen in love with Mexican delicacies or Indian spices and Lebanese flavours. I've also learned that not all food has to be unhealthy in order for it to taste incredible... Of course, enjoying a morsel of foie gras every now and again won't hurt the soul.


I am definitely a cocktail enthusiast. However, thanks to my father’s interest and business in the worlds of wine and sake, I have been lucky enough to develop a particular palate to these sophisticated beverages. But not all beverages on this blog will be alcoholic (although most will be). I do enjoy a delicious mango lassi and the occasional healthy smoothie or not-so-healthy milkshake. On the other hand, a glass of milk with a chocolate chip cookie or instant noodles will always be a classic!


I think it is important to write about the experiences we encounter in life. Julia Child once said, “Life itself is the proper binge.” My life is filled with wonderful, unfortunate and mediocre happenings. Most of them happen to be food related. You will always remember the best meal you had either in life so far or at your favourite establishment. You will remember your firsts (and your lasts), and you will be able to look back on your life and realize what amazing happenings you have experienced. I live to experience the phenomenon that is life. My blog can hopefully let others in on my episodes of food, beverage and any food related adventures.


I love being a photographer, I love being in love with food, and I am in love with the life I live. I love sharing my foodie escapades. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me!