The Starving Artist - gotta love them waffles!

Talk about the most variety of waffles I have ever seen on a menu before! Always a line at the busiest times of day (early breakfast to brunch are peak times), but totally worth the wait. I waited a maximum 20 minutes with three other friends so it wasn't too long. The Starving Artist offers savoury and sweet waffles - some made of potato, dill, and just plain old simple breakfast waffles. The Waffle Benny ($9) comes with two poached eggs, a salad on the side (with every waffle menu item) as well as caramelized bacon and everyone's favourite: hollandaise sauce. Breakfast waffles ($11) to Breakfast Bennies consist of two poached eggs but potato waffles (don't worry, bacon included too!) ($11.50). They have unique waffle combinations too like that of the B.L.T. Waffle Sandwich ($9) and it's exactly what it sounds like... they also offer a Tex-Mex Chicken Sandwich ($9) more on the spicy side if you like it that way. IMG_9513

Families are very much welcomed into the small but cosy restaurant. A patio at the front and back of the housed restaurant is offered for the spring/summer time (I presume) and being located in a neighbourhood setting it's a really cool place to get away from the city and enjoy comfort food at its best.

Don't forget dessert! You can have one mini waffle of anything you really want... bananas and strawberries ($3.50), Waffle S'more ($3.50), and even Pineapple Banana Crunch which is a coconut waffle with bananas and pineapples, whipped cream and coconut shreds and peanut chunks ($3.50)... talk about deadly yummy!


One last thing, don't pay attention to the black board they leave outside at the entrance of the restaurant where it would say that they have specials... a Chili Waffle Dog was written on the board but wasn't offered (apparently it was just on weekdays not weekends and the owners figured the board got washed out by the rain that had fallen the night before...woops)

The Starving Artist really speaks for itself. Prices are really great for the great amount of food you'll receive.