Flashback Friday with Dos Toros!

Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas... you got it! Dos Toros in NYC just off Union Square was opened by two brothers from the Bay Area in San Francisco. They wanted to offer a taqueria that uses high quality ingredients that were fresh and local. Their burritos that they offer are your basic Carnitas ($7.81) and Carne Asada ($8.27) and they all come with beans and rice. The same ingredients are included in the tacos but instead with cheese, salsa and sour cream. The quesadillas include the same toppings as the tacos and they offer the same meats (pork, chicken, steak and your basic rice and beans). You are encouraged to add a bit of guac to any of the options given on the menu. Salads and sides (like chips and salsa for $2.07 or with guac for $3.22) are on the menu too. Dos Toros is a great snack place and super fast so you can take it to go or chow down inside. I would recommend eating at the restaurant due to the messiness that comes along with eating these meant-to-be, handheld food items.

Dos Toros also have a location in the Upper East Side and West Village. Click here for their full addresses.