416 Snack Bar (Images as seen on greenbeandotblog)

I went to 416 Snack bar, which was the perfect place to kick off the end of my 2012 winter semester. Delicious food and beer/cocktails are served 5pm and onward. Just on Queen and Bathurst, this tiny hub seats very few but is totally worth the wait as you can entertain yourselves with tasty wines and beers. The weather was gorgeous out as they had the front windows open and allowed us to enjoy the sun. I've now been numerous times to dine at 416 Snack bar and I've not been let down once!

Food/Drink: Flying Monkey, Steak tartare, 416 version of Scotch Eggs, lobster bisque, mushrooms on brioche, creamy seafood bun, pork bun, a miscellaneous vegetable dish, ham and cheese sandwich, and lamb chop.