Short and Savoury



Sansotei Ramen is a new hot spot for ramen fans. Your choice of thick, thin or original Sansotei noodles and with different toppings. Your typical Pork broth with egg, scallions, and menma too! Menma is definitely a must with ramen for me, and I was pleased to finally see that Toronto is getting it right! The pork that comes with your ramen can also be chosen from  lean to fatty. Sansotei offers gyoza as well as takoyaki (octopus balls). Super reasonable for the large bowl of noodles you get and you have to get there early! Otherwise, go at off times (like the hours of 2pm-5pm). You could be waiting from 10mins to 45mins!! It's thumbs up for Sansotei - you guys will for sure be my go-to for a late lunch!