Khao San Road is a favourite in TO!




Simple, authentic, and true to the roots of curry, Khao San Road has much to offer downtown Toronto. Owned by the once Sukhothai couple, the duo have launched a more modern and authentic restaurant for various crowds. Their squash fritters were crispy and served with a sweet and sour sauce. They weren't greasy at all! They were absolutely more-ish. They offered a variety of thai curries - red, green curries and many more. I didn't get a chance to try the pad thai but every time it passed the table, it smelt AMAZING. The green curry was definitely a lot spicier than the red one. The flavours weren't over powering and very clean. The creaminess of the red curry was very tasty and the herbs and bay leaves were very prominent. The crackling of (i'm thinking something along the lines of won-ton wrap) was dunked on top of the curry. With the texture of the curry and the crunch of the crisps, the dish was complete. I highly recommend getting to Khao San Road as early as possible as they do NOT take reservations. It's packed every night!