Thirsty Thursday: A Pint of Smithwick’s | Kilkenny, Ireland

This week’s Thursday features a throwback to when I went to Kilkenny last year in April. I took a week trip to Ireland and traveled from Cork to Galway to Dublin with family and friends. Along the way, we were going to pass Kilkenny, and that meant stopping for a pint. So Smithwick’s was our first stop on our road trip. I was very excited. It was a great way to begin our journey around Ireland.

Although I have drank many pints of Smithwick’s in Toronto when I was studying, there was nothing compared to that of a Smithwick’s poured in their own brewery (duh). The aroma of a campfire, caramel on the palate, and all in a ruby red ale. The flavours lasted on the palate from the front and all the way to the back of the throat. Smithwick’s has perfected probably one of the best tasting Irish ales: The Superior Irish Ale.

When you get to the Smithwick’s Experience Kilkenny, you will be booked into a guided tour – very informative for those who are interested in how the brewery came to be and how they make their beers. Of course, the end of the tour is the best part. Tasting the ales, you receive a full sized pint (or a half for those of you who aren’t as keen on beer… but you’d be missing out), and you can take your time to enjoy it with your friends and those around you on the tour. Of course there is a gift shop in the next room from the tasting room, but the best pour is from the taps of the brewery. Savour every sip!

PS: Don’t be confused with the name of Smithwick’s Experience Kilkenny with Kilkenny’s brewery. Smithwick’s is from Kilkenny (the area).


Location: Smithwick's Experience Kilkenny
Beverage: Smithwick's Superior Irish Ale
Made by: Smithwick's