Doughnut Plant | New York City

Last summer, my boyfriend and I spent a day in the city with two of our best friends; a day of pure gluttony. We made sure that one of our stops was at The Doughnut Plant. Famous for their variety of doughnuts served fresh every day, The Doughnut Plant did not disappoint.

Naturally we had to try every doughnut that was being served that day… 8 doughnuts later, I think we were pretty satisfied.

There are three options to choose from:

1) Yeast doughnuts: which are super light and fluffy

2) Cake doughnuts: literally what it sounds like, a doughnut cake or pound cake


3) Filled doughnuts: we had strawberry jam, custard and creams inside some of the ones we tried

Every day there are new flavours and classics being sold. The line is usually out the door and you have to be on the ball if you want the Tres Leches because not only is it the best seller, but it’s practically sold out every time they decide to sell it. Unfortunately we were part of that majority who missed out that particular day.

All the yeast doughnuts were amazing - airy and tasty. For me, the cakey ones were not my cup of tea. Unless you’re looking for a meal in itself, then I'd make sure you take a bite out of a cake one. However, the filled doughnuts were to die for! Anything that is jam filled to begin with is a winner with me! (Yes, the key to my heart is jam filled anything, no joke.) I think what also made our experience was being able to walk a few blocks to Madison Square Park and enjoy them in front of the Flatiron building, where there is free seating along the streets.

All the ingredients are of the highest quality and are all natural, and apparently sometimes organic too! They make ALL of their jam fillings (no wonder they’re so darn delicious), and they only use ingredients when they’re in season.  You can read more about their menu here.

Mark, who basically took it on his own to continue his father’s legacy in baking, has made a huge success of his family. And it all started with Mark’s grandfather when he was baking at 16. Three generations in a family, working to create one dream; what an incredible story.  Staying true to family recipes, the Doughnut Plant is doing extremely well. Now there are four locations alone in New York City and 9 bakeries in Tokyo! Be sure to check their homepage on their website for specials.  Treat yourself to a doughnut. After all, it’s Friday!

Location: The Doughnut Plant at Hotel Chelsea in NYC
Food: Doughnuts
Made by: The Doughnut Plant