B&G Oysters | Dining in Boston, Massachusetts

Last May, I got to travel with my boyfriend and his family from New York to Boston for a few days. It was another great trip I got to enjoy early last summer.

Oysters were definitely number 1 on my list of foods to eat when in Boston. B&G Oysters was one of the fine restaurants I got to check out while I was there. Oysters were fantastic – fresh and a huge assortment to try from, east to west coast (mostly east which is what I was looking forward to.)  The menu is filled with seasonal seafood dishes were definitely delicious. I had a halibut tartare as well as the oysters and some raw clams (different but had to try!)

B&G was a fun experience, as we got to sit semi at the bar on a table for six. Watching how their delicious fries were made and all sorts of dishes made us salivate while we waited for our meals. A very popular spot, make sure you get there early or make a reservation. You can’t go wrong in an establishment like B&G! I cannot wait to go back to Boston and visit B&G once more.  

Food: Oysters, Clams, Halibut Tartare
Made by: B&G Oyster
Location: Boston, MA