Homemade Pizza | Recipe Of The Day

You wouldn't believe it but it is SO easy to make pizza for yourself or for your friends in a quick and easy manner. 

Thanks to Jamie Oliver, he has a quick recipe on how to make your own pizza dough (or you can go buy premade dough in your local grocery store in the frozen section or dairy section). It's really not that tricky, check it out here.  The recipe also tells you how to quickly grill your own pizza. 

The most successful pizza would consist of fresh ingredients - using fresh mozerella or burrata are great cheese to have melt on your pizza. Peppers and caramelized onions are great for extra flavour. Use freshly picked basil or arugula to make your thin crust pizza pop with colour and with a tasty tomato base, your pizza will be perfect.

Try it! 

Please note recipe provided is different than those pizzas made in the photographs.

Food: Homemade Pizza
Recipe: Jamie Oliver's Quick Grilled Pizza