Long's Noodle House | Dining In Vancouver

You wouldn’t be too keen on walking into an establishment like Long’s… the outside is run down and it looks tiny from the outside (it is pretty small inside). However, it is almost always busy and filled up mid day. They are open for dinner too, but Long’s Noodle House is a great stop for a quick lunch between your work shifts, or a quick and cheap dinner.

This restaurant has been in Vancouver for quite some time now. Having always heard good things about it, I finally decided to give it a go earlier this year… and I wasn’t disappointed! 

Must haves: XLB (Xia Long Bao) the juicy pork dumplings – the skins are thin and the soup is hot. Second, the drunken chicken – even though the serving is in a small clay bowl, don’t be fooled, as it is enough for two people to snack on. Third, the Tan Tan Noodles – usually I don’t go for this sort of noodle bowl because the noodles tend to always be soggy and horrible and the soup is way too thick. BUT thanks to Longs, I can say that this is by far the best Tan Tan noodles I’ve had in a while. 

Be sure to either get here at an off time or for an earlier lunch as it does get busy or make a reservation to guarantee you can get a seat. They are closed on Tuesdays and it is cash only. 

Food: Juicy Pork Dumplings, Tan Tan Noodles
Restaurant: Longs Noodle House
Location: 4853 Main Street
VancouverBC V5V 3R9