Flashback Friday! Pasta pasta pasta… | Dining in Seattle, WA

Pasta, pasta, pasta… that’s what it’s all about today! The best kind of pasta: handmade, fresh, served al dente. That’s what Il Corvo is all about. This restaurant is now one of many an institutions in downtown Seattle. They create magnificent, handmade pastas for all the lunch goers in town. Only open from 11am – 3pm, they manage to sell out almost every day. It’s insane how amazing their rigatoni tastes and any of their daily specials do not disappoint. The sauces, the texture of the different types of pasta served; they have the power to bring you the tastes of Italy (but in Seattle.)

Currently, they are serving a very simple pappardelle alla Bolognese (which is always delicious, as you will see in the photo the Bolognese is served with rigatoni) as a special and Gigli pasta with spicy pancetta tomato sauce and dandelion greens – talk about yummy!!

Make sure you get there right at 11 to beat the usual lunch rush. The line can be long and you can save a seat if your friend is waiting in line. But the wait is absolutely worth it – it CAN be very quick if you get there before the rush!

Bon Appetito! 

Food: Rigatoni Bolognese, Casarecce with spicy tomato and greens.
Made by: Il Corvo
Location: 217 James St, Seattle WA