Happy Chinese New Year! | Vancouver Food Blog

It’s the year of the monkey, (my year) and many fellow monkeys out there. Chinese New Year is filled with so many delicacies, from the turnip New Year cake, to the New Year candies and so much more… It’s a tradition with my family to have close family and friends over for the New Year’s Eve dinner. So last night, we celebrated by eating a huge feast prepared by my dad. From his famous roast pork, to the traditional New Year dishes, we were stuffed!

Since the start of last week my dad and our family have been preparing and cooking deep fried peanuts, chips of all kinds (lotus root, potato, sweet potato, taro), and taro sesame and cilantro balls. All so good and only made once a year by my family. We also made our own turnip cake - a family recipe that beats everyone else's (sorry not sorry). Nothing beats a fresh bowl of Lo Bak Go! You'll probably recognize it like this, but we get it served like this:

I’m sure many of you have your own traditions, like celebrating the New Year by having dim sum more than once, or eating out having feast after feast, or watching the Lion Dance at your local mall or in Chinatown. 

Here’s a look into the festivities I took part in (food related of course). 

Gung Hay Fat Choy! May your year be filled with prosperity and good health!