Scotchtails | Borough Market, London

One of my favourite places to visit whenever I’m back in London is Borough Market. Every time I go, there’s always a new food stall established in the market. There’s always exciting, fresh and fun foods to try. Scotchtails was a highlight of mine these past couple of years. They are the first ones I run to when I get to the market! Scotch eggs are such a delicacy. They have this way of making you say “oh my god” everytime (of course if they’re made to perfection like Scotchtails’ are.) The egg is just soft enough inside that you can’t make a mess, and they are served on a bed of arugula and sweet potato fries on the side. Rich in flavour and golden in colour, the eggs are so very tasty and the experience itself is one of a kind.

Just a little tidbit for those of you who aren’t familiar with what a scotch egg is:

A scotch egg is consisted of a breaded batter on the outside of usually meat but in the consistency of sausage and of course an egg inside all of that goodness. Scotch eggs were meant for picnic food and are now available everywhere in bakeries, supermarkets and corner shops, even service stations! It’s just such an easy to eat food. London’s Fortnum & Mason claims to have invented the scotch eggs way back when. But there has been speculation about where they actually came from… read more here.

Scotchtails use free-range meat and use brown eggs. They eggs are made in small batches and are ready to serve at the market. Go for it! 

Food: Scotch Egg
Made  by: Scotchtails
Location: Borough Market, London England