Totto Ramen | Dining in NYC

As I am prepping to leave for my trip to the Big Apple in the next couple of weeks, I thought to write about one of my favourite places for ramen. Totto Ramen is comfort food, unique and fun. The broth is chicken based and the combinations you can get aren't overwhelming, but you can get special bowls: like the mega paitan for a hefty meal, or the curry paitan which I have yet to try and they can all be made extra spicy for you hot fans.

They have your typical appetizers, like the smaller rice bowls and extra char siu pork, or if you like they offer fried chicken as well as seaweed salad. They even offer their homemade kimchee (strange because that's korean and not a japanese dish...) 

Of course, you can add extra toppings like scallions, a poached egg, bamboo shoots and more.

My favourite location in NYC is in Hell's Kitchen between 9th and 10th avenues on 51st street. It's a lot more cozier and your not sitting on bar stools huddled up against one another like some of their other locations. Find out more about their locations and hours here.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with Totto. It is different for all you ramen snobs out there (Ippudo is also a fantastic place for ramen in the city), however if you're feeling for down to earth, and comforting and not crazy expensive noodles, Totto Ramen is the right place for you.

Keep an eye out for specials too! Typically they offer seasonal specials like the one you see below features uni in a cold ramen bowl - superb!  

Food: Special: Uni Ramen, Miso Paitan with extra scallion
Made by: Totto Ramen
Location: 464 West 51st Street between 9th and 10th Avenues