Pokéworks | Dining in NYC

Talk about a frenzy. This place is a happening! Pokéworks, long line up, worth the wait. I highly suggest going at an off-peak time. This place is literally Chipotle but even better - it's Japanese cuisine and pretty quick. 

The sushi burrito is what I really went to go check out. It all started with a popular Insider video: 

So is it really what it was cut out to be as said in the video? Hell yeah. The fish is great, fresh and tasty. The toppings and sauces you can choose from range from different kinds of seaweed, to shoyu, ponzu sauce, shiso leaves, mango pieces, masago... It's all so much to take in but once it all comes together as a massive handroll, the first bite is an amazing one. 

The sushi rice has to be on par, and it definitely was when I had my sushi burrito. They also offer signature dishes (bowls) and make your own poke bowls and salad bowls. Like Chipotle, you're following an assembly line to create your meal. 

It's right around the corner from Bryant Park which is a great place to go and enjoy your meal.

Food: Sushi Burrito
Made by: Pokéworks
Location: 63 W 37th Street, New York, NY 10018