Nook | Dining in Vancouver

Although it's a bit of a line to get on most days, Nook is a great spot for that Italian meal you've been craving. From their pizzas to their pastas, and their cocktails and desserts, the food at Nook does not disappoint. We love the fact that their pastas are cooked al dente (as they should be) and their pizza's crusts are the perfect thickness and filled with flavour. Their Negroni's are very good and very potent. The service is fast pace once you're sat down, and always with a smile. The ambiance in Nook is hustling and bustling with great tunes and people. The fun part about Nook is that it's right on the waterfront near Kitsilano Beach (literally across the street). So after dinner on a summer's night, you can go for a relaxing stroll to help your tummy digest from all the gourmet Italian food you've subjected yourself to.

You can never go wrong when dining at Nook, we will definitely be back! 

Food: Funghi pizza, Gnocchi and baby meatballs, Caserecce with Italian sausage, roast fennel, olives, tomato and chilies.
Made by: Nook Restaurant
Location: 1525 Yew St. Vancouver.