Red Miso // Nagoya Japan | Dining in Japan

What an experience we had at this family owned restaurant just outside of Nagoya. We were recently in Japan and we were fortunate enough to try a delicacy of the area: Red Miso. Red miso or aka-miso, is used to make thick sauces or broths. We visited an udon establishment where the broth base was aka-miso. The portions are quite large, so be sure to have an appetite - and the Japanese typically eat the huge bowl of noodles with a bowl of rice to soak up the leftover broth! Just brilliant! On top of that, there are different versions of the broth - you can ask for extra pork, or you can have different meats or parts of the pork in your broth as well. Tempura, an egg, cabbage and negi are all included. The rice bowl comes with pickled vegetables and it's a perfect mini size to finish off your authentic experience. 

Food: Handmade Udon in Red Miso Broth
Made famous in: Nagoya, Japan