Walk-ins are apparently not uncommon in Toronto when it comes to eating out. My uncle and I were able to walk into Campagnolo at around 7pm and got seats at the bar. We enjoyed a very fulfilling dinner that included pastas, mains, delicious cocktails and a yummy dessert. The bar tender also acted as our waiter and happily recommended his favourite dishes and drinks. The dining room is a decent size and evokes a homey and casual feel. There are two kitchens (one in the dining room and the other at the back). It is a bit loud but the music and ambiance with everyone inside makes the room come alive. The menu tends to change quite often, but we enjoyed a calamari dish, bone marrow with crostinis, two pasta dishes and a very sweet dessert.

Campagnolo was a memorable experience and I am glad I finally got to dine at this snazzy joint. The food was great tasting and presented very nicely. The service was wonderful. I highly recommend anyone in Toronto to dine here!