As you enter through the revolving doors, the delicate smell of flowers swarms the dim lit lobby. Known for having its 3 Michelin stars, Daniel has made its mark in the big apple. Daniel Boulud created an astounding menu, filled with so many choices: fish, meats, and the dessert menu was the hardest of all to choose from. Once we had walked through the lobby, passing the very cool-looking bar, we entered the main dining room. High ceilings, largely arranged, bunches flowers on the back walls, the dining room seated more than 20 tables. There were columns that surrounded the outer section of the dining room. The service was fantastic, as everyone was very accommodating to our needs.IMG_0338 Daniel's cocktail list (pricy) had an array of liqueurs. The White Cosmo was absolutely the way to go - hints of elderflower, lime juice, white cranberry and vodka - not a cocktail to miss! Give the Bitter Blues a go too!

Being my 21st birthday, this experience was the best dining experience I'd had in a while. The food was presented so beautifully and tasted like each ingredient was meant to be there on your plate. It was all to die for! Going with a larger party has its perks: you get to share and try one another's dishes! I had their mosaic of squab - essentially a terrine of squab - followed by a trio of veal. The flavours were there, everything was cooked right to perfection and overall, the dishes that we had ordered were all up-to-par. Be sure to try out their fish on the menu (the turbot is apparently a great hit!)

I have to say, desserts were the wow! factor for me. Not only did I receive a little birthday surprise of chocolate and hazelnut cakes, but having ordered several desserts on top, it was an amazing experience to try all the different sorts of sorbets, meringues, fruits and more... As you'll see in the photos, Daniel really hit it out of the park for me. After having read reviews, heard people say many things about the renown restaurant, Daniel Boulud has made it into my good books - officially! I have to thank the Baptista family for such a wonderful experience and a great birthday celebration.

PS: We got to go into the kitchen to see the chefs at work! Unfortunately Daniel was away but nonetheless, it was very cool to see how things worked.