Dough Zone | Dining in Vancouver

We are thrilled to say that there is another worthy dumpling spot on the map! Not only has Din Tai Fung become a huge sensation in North America, but now we have another contender: Dough Zone. Located in Bellevue, Washington, Dough Zone offers a menu filled with tasty options and more than just delicious dumplings. They are known for their noodles: Rice noodles with minced pork, Dandan noodle, and even beef-stew noodle soup! Oh, and their Q-baos are a MUST! Speedy service and be sure to get your spot in line early! There's always a massive wait but it's worth it!

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Soy House | Dining in Bellingham

Who would have thought that Bellingham had a hidden Pho gem (I most certainly didn't)!
Soy House is ran by Tony and Angie Nguyen, and they grew up in Saigon. Their flavours and Vietnamese delicacies are delicious. This restaurant has very tasty spring rolls as well as their Honey Walnut Prawns - these are lightly battered and served in a cream sauce on top of cabbage, with roasted walnuts and peanuts. They were something else.

The noodles, their Pho, were served al dante, never soggy, and the soup broth was clean and not oily. The Combination Pho was very good, there was plenty of meat involved and a great amount of noodles and soup.  The Kobe beef pho was quite the presentation, with your server pouring the soup over your rare meat. Their vietnamese coffee was also surprisingly on par. 

Overall, Soy House was a great suggestion by friends and I would highly recommend it if you find yourself in the Bellingham, WA area and are craving Vietnamese cuisine.

Food: Honey Walnut Prawns, Kobe Pho Bowl, and Combination Pho Bowl.
Made by: Soy House Restaurant
Location: 400 W Holly St., Bellingham, WA.

Flashback Friday! Pasta pasta pasta… | Dining in Seattle, WA

Pasta, pasta, pasta… that’s what it’s all about today! The best kind of pasta: handmade, fresh, served al dente. That’s what Il Corvo is all about. This restaurant is now one of many an institutions in downtown Seattle. They create magnificent, handmade pastas for all the lunch goers in town. Only open from 11am – 3pm, they manage to sell out almost every day. It’s insane how amazing their rigatoni tastes and any of their daily specials do not disappoint. The sauces, the texture of the different types of pasta served; they have the power to bring you the tastes of Italy (but in Seattle.)

Currently, they are serving a very simple pappardelle alla Bolognese (which is always delicious, as you will see in the photo the Bolognese is served with rigatoni) as a special and Gigli pasta with spicy pancetta tomato sauce and dandelion greens – talk about yummy!!

Make sure you get there right at 11 to beat the usual lunch rush. The line can be long and you can save a seat if your friend is waiting in line. But the wait is absolutely worth it – it CAN be very quick if you get there before the rush!

Bon Appetito! 

Food: Rigatoni Bolognese, Casarecce with spicy tomato and greens.
Made by: Il Corvo
Location: 217 James St, Seattle WA



Well, who would have thought that I'd be lucky enough to experience a Truckeroo in DC. The first day of the festival, May 17th, was one of four days of the festival (the rest happen once in June, July, and August). The festival is comprised of many food trucks from the area and offer special menus or their signature dishes. The event took place at the Fairgrounds in Washington, DC. Being my first time visiting the capital of America, it was super cool to be a part of something that has been fairly new in the food world. Food trucks were never really a novelty, but now with social media and more fancy looking and appealing trucks, the food truck industry has rocketed sky-high. It's amazing how much dedication chefs put into making food in their trucks, prepping in a kitchen the day before or morning of. Serving many customers throughout the day and making them happy. The festival ran from 11am to 11pm - talk about a lot of prep to serve myself and many others! Now, the food trucks that I got to try were super tasty and a lot of fun to try. DC Empanadas was a delightful find (after doing some twitter research and reading reviews). They had a chili filled empanada and a specialty the WMD empanada. So good. The second truck was the Tapas truck -  spanish dishes that included corn fritters, and crispy calamari sticks over garlic fries. Lastly, Takorean was a very tasty twist on tacos. Kimchi and korean styled brisket were just a couple of the simple but delicious ways to make a Korean taco.

Overall, Truckeroo was a fun experience. Lots of people came out to have favourites or to try something new. It's a fun family event and the venue sold drinks separately (non-alcoholic and alcoholic). The next date for Truckeroo is June 14th! If you're in DC, be sure to go check it out! You can take a look at the website here where they will tell you everything you need to know and which trucks will be at each event.