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Happy New Year!

What a great start in the restaurant world - I finally got to try The Sardine Can in Gastown here in Vancouver.

Known for their spanish tapas, I was very impressed by the level of cuisine that was presented. It really brought me back memories of when I have been in Barcelona. The Gambas was to die for - the sauce was a revelation!! Could not stop dipping my patatas in the sauce... The baked burrata special was so creamy and soft. Wrapped in a ham, it was fantastic to spread on a piece of toast with a prune compote to go with it. Another special served were their veal cheek and potatoes stuffed empanadas - talk about holy yum! Vancouverites: you seriously need to get yourselves to The Sardine Can.

The restaurant is also owned by renown chef in Vancouver, Chef Andrey Durbach and business partner Chris Stewart (La Buca, Pied à Terre, and The Abbey.) I can finally check off all four from my list!








 Feature: The Sardine Can


IMG_6532 Great for pre-drinking and a quick bite to eat. Salt in Gastown, Vancouver offers floaters of wines that you can choose to try. American, Argentinian and European known wines are offered on their list. Furthermore, cured meats and pâtés are delicious pairings to the drinks. Their chalkboard at the back of the room lists the cheeses, meats and condiments. Of course, there are desserts listed too.  Lastly, it's a small restaurant and gets busier earlier in the evening 'til late. Salt is located in Blood alley  (a bit dodgy for many peoples likings, but that's what makes the place fun to get to and to enjoy). Be sure to check out Salt!

Osteria ciceri e tria

IMG_5556 From the owner of Terroni in Toronto, Osteria ciceri e tria is located on Victoria St. and Queen St. in downtown Toronto. I have been a number of times and have had delicious italian meals served to me and friends. Homemade pastas are a specialty: their Agnello ($16) and Cavatelli ($16) are a hit! The pastas are also included in the secondi part of their menu: a pappardelle of wild boar recently ($25) and a tagliolini ai porcini ($25).


The restaurant is connected to their sister restaurant La Bettola (or  The Hole in the Wall). Terroni's have their own cured meats and desserts are traditionally italian and sometimes with a twist.

The atmosphere is quite unique: as you enter the restaurant you can see the cured meats storage and immediately both restaurants. Osteria ciceri e tria is more refined that it's next door restaurant, and offers a lot more in food, wine and cocktails.


I encourage everyone to try at least one of the Terroni restaurants (I have yet to try them all but please let me know if you do or have!) I love italian homemade pastas and authentic dishes. Family style or sharing amongst yourselves at these venues is a must as you'll want to try everything that's on the menu.