Refreshing salad with pork crackling. Sashimi and crackling.

Suckling pig, and more crackling.



Lamb shoulder.

Talk about a unique dining experience at Bosk, at the Shangri La Hotel Toronto. Brand new, this restaurant offers a bar and a fine dining section. It was opened with executive chef, Jean-Paul Lourdes, who has worked at many Michelin restaurants, but left after just one month. I got the privilege of dining at Bosk during the opening week which was quite exciting.

To say the least, it's definitely a place for no mistakes. The private room we had was very nicely lit, with sliding doors made out of wood and intricately designed. The couches unfortunately were very low and you needed to use a lot of cushions to give you a good back to lean on. The plates were large and the menu too (size of a placemat to be honest). The colour scheme went well with everything (uniforms, chairs, sofas, lights, even the food!) Another downside was the lights that were hung in the room, every time you'd get up  from the table, your head would hit them... (who designed that anyway??)

The service was good and the waiters were very accommodating. Even though they had to check with the chef about certain dishes that had interesting ingredients, it was still only opening week so clearly there were a few kinks.

Presentation of each dish was beautifully done and each tasted up-to-par. Some more than others. The menu I tasted was the prix-fixe at $185 per person but it definitely beat the à la carte menu. $75 for an appetizer and main was kind of out of the question...

Bosk comes off as a very fancy and high end restaurant, but to be honest I've been lucky enough to experience many of the best (including Michelin starred restos) but Bosk didn't exactly meet my expectations, if anything just barely...

Oh and did I mention that they just love to use crackling? Practically the first three dishes we had, somethingsomething WITH CRACKLING... my god they overused the stuff.