Anh & Chi | Dining in Vancouver

Talk about a stunning make-over and change-over for Phó Hoang! Anh & Chi can be seen as the child product of its parent restaurant Phó Hoang which had been an institution in Vancouver. However, that institution has proved that it can go through an evolution without dampening its ever so tasty noodles and rice bowls. Anh & Chi brings modernity to a Vietnamese restaurant. Chicken wings, banh mi, pho bowls, spring rolls (which are by the way, so crispy and very tasty with basil), rice bowls plus more is what you can expect to find at this establishment. As a current hot spot, Anh & Chi is always busy for lunch and dinner - reservations are only taken for dinner service. So be sure to show up early before the line up begins. 

Food: Spring rolls, Beef pho bowl, and Chicken wings.
Made by: Anh & Chi
Location: 3388 Main Street, Vancouver


Welcome to Brooklyn, NY. - home to many up and coming Ramen joints, and already well established ones too.

Ganso specializes in soy sauce based broths with their ramen. They make chicken wings (probably deep fried twice) that are finger-lickin' good. Belly pork buns with a korean twist and another set with short ribs. The food is great and the portions of the ramen are perfect (not too big and not too small). You could order a second if you're really hungry (I probably would if I was really hungry the day I went). If the egg in a bowl of ramen is important to you (as it is to me,) depending on what ramen you order you get a soft boiled or a really REALLY soft boiled egg... almost poached but not. There is a short rib ramen and the Ganso original (which is simply pork shoulder and pork belly like most ramen joints).  Moreover, there is a spicy ramen and what they call the "Stamina" ramen bowl, which consists of a chicken broth. You can take a look at their menu here.  On the way to the restroom at the back,  I spotted their fridge with all their sake products inside - not bad!


I love Ippudo Ramen but Ganso has definitely made it into my good books. Gotta love ramen!