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 If you ever find yourself in Honolulu near Diamond Head Volcano, you should head to the farmer's market! The Kapiolani Community College (KCC) Farmer's Market is a growing attraction on the island. My family and I first discovered it a few years back after having been to the island many a time. It's one of our favourite stops. Every Saturday from 7:30-11am the vendors are open for business selling preserved goods, fresh produce, coffee and more. Our favourite vendors include the Big Island Abalone and Otsuji Farm, and be sure to look for the deep fried green tomatoes! This is definitely a must-see and eat to do if you're in the area. Eat your heart out!

Below are just some of the delicious treats you'll find! You can look up all the vendors  here.





Photography: Danielle Wong Photography

Feature: KCC Farmer's Market

Pine State Biscuits

Pine State Biscuits was a highlight of my trip to Portland. At their farmers market in the Market District, I lined up for about twenty minutes just to order the Moneyball. Biscuits and gravy with an over-easy egg on top. The gravy was made of shitake mushrooms and the biscuits were delicious. Baked fresh and served fresh. The egg just topped off my experience - they are my favourite food item if anything. I was eager to try the cider but it immediately sold out when I got into the line. It is a MUST. You will not regret a single minute waiting in line at the market.

DEEEE-RICIOUS! is all I can say.

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