Chambar | Dining in Vancouver

If you're looking for a great place for brunch, lunch and dinner, well Chambar is one of the many options in Vancouver. It's great for those who are about to see a show at Rogers Arena, as it's just minutes away from the restaurant. Perfect for cocktails and a great meal.

The menu isn't always changing but it's definitely always consistent with their flavours and service.

The restaurant had a huge makeover - and I mean enormous, as it's now got a huge patio and two floors to the public.

The old fashion is always a great drink at Chambar, as well as their seasonal cocktails that they offer. The frites are real yummy with the aioli that it comes with. With a French influence throughout the cuisine, mussels are always a staple at this restaurant. There seems to always be a duck dish whenever I go, and that's exactly what I get. This one particular time, they served the best cherry clafoutis I've had... it was to die for.

There are plenty of small plates for sharing as well, like the shrimp you see below in a delicate sauce. Overall, the menu is filled with choices for everyone and their tastebuds.

Cherche Midi | Dining in NYC

One of my favourite cuisines is that of French cuisine - bistro cuisine in particular. It's not stuffy, pretentious French food, but instead it's homey, simple and absolutely delicious. Pastis used to be a place to frequent in the Big Apple, however after it's closure, many of us were waiting for what was next for owner Keith McNally and GM Eddie Pinto... they were surely not going to end their legacy. 

Well they haven't! Now with Cherche Midi in the Bowery, we can once dine again with at least the feeling of being in Pastis. It is very similar inside, with its tiled flooring and rustic feel. It is very much based on a typical french bistro with its white table cloths and classic bistro chairs. 

The food was very good, I had the beef tartare as a main course and we had a taste of their special which was house-made pasta with mushrooms - I know it's not French cuisine but I would definitely order it again if it comes around! The steak tartare had the right amount of kick to it and it was a great portion as a main. The list of cocktails is very intriguing, I tried their Flower of Scotland which is a gin based cocktail with lemon and fresh basil. Simple, but perfect for a lunchtime cocktail. Of course you can order the classic steak & frites and the frites are VERY good. I think that it's a must to order frites when dining at any french establishment.

I would go back in a heartbeat for another lovely experience and gratifying meal. Bon Appetit! 

Food: House-made fresh pasta with funghi, steak tartare, and the Flower of Scotland cocktail.
Restaurant: Cherche Midi
Location: 282 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

Jacques Bistro

Set in Yorkville, Toronto, Jacques Bistro has been known for its omelettes and french cuisine for many years.  Both my mum and I went to the restaurant for lunch, as she was the one who told me she used to dine there many times with her father. Walking up a narrow staircase and into a small dining room, the waiters greeted you in proper French (and English if you could not converse in their tongue). We were sat against the window and amongst an older crowd (but don't fret, it's the food that makes it all the better if you're a foody and a youngin' like my mum and I). There are many specials offered and a lot of choices to pick from the menu. I ordered an onion soup, and the Bonne Femme omelette (bacon, mushrooms and onions). My mum ordered escargots and an omelette for herself too. Simple foods, but this is exactly my kind of thing - if you can make something so simple taste so good, you are in my good books.

Jumping back to when we first came into Jacque's Bistro (who by the way still works, cooks and runs the place) my mum told me that they were known for their floating island - a soft meringue floating on English custard, almonds, caramel and fresh fruit. My mum is never wrong about desserts, and boy! Jacque's île flottant was to DIE FOR! You have to go and try for yourselves.

I highly recommend for anyone who loves french cuisine to pay a visit to Jacques Bistro. The service was fantastic, the waiters were friendly and I even got to practice my French. Students: Jacque's is definitely affordable and the portions aren't exactly small either (rich in flavours for sure). Bon Appetit!