Egg Slut | Dining in Las Vegas

Talk about tasty eats and very satisfying... if you're ever find yourself in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas (or just make a trip just because...) EGG SLUT IS A MUST!! Whether you need breakfast, lunch, a cure for a hangover, Egg Slut is your best friend for life. The eggs are light, airy, fluffy and super delicious. They have many sandwiches, but hands down you have to try the Fairfax - cage-free soft scrambled eggs and chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and sriracha mayo in a warm brioche bun. If you want to try something different and definitely want to be filled up, be sure to try the Slut - cage-free coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar, topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette. All to die for. 

Food: Fairfax - cage-free soft scrambled eggs and chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and sriracha mayo in a warm brioche bun | Slut - cage-free coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar, topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette.
Made by: Egg Slut
Location: 3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South Las Vegas, NV 89109 - inside the Cosmopolitan Hotel

Green Leaf Sushi Café | Dining in Vancouver

Green Leaf sushi is quite the small restaurant, however they serve a fully loaded menu. The options seem endless at this establishment - fresh sashimi, ozisushi and decadent cooked dishes. Uni is currently in season, and as a special they're serving uni udon! We will definitely find ourselves visiting Green Leaf sushi often. The service is good, the food is great, and they take reservations in the evenings. Be sure to get in line early for lunch service - it's absolutely chaotic after 12pm (they open at 11am). If you want that sushi fix, be sure to head to into the Kitsilano area for a treat!

Food: Hamachi, Uni and Toro Sashimi, Pressed sushi or boxed sushi - Ozisushi,
and negitoro rolls and Tobiko Nigiri.
Made by: Green Leaf Sushi Café
Location: 3416 West Broadway, Vancouver

Anglers at Dolphins Resort BC | Dining in British Columbia

I had a pleasurable experience at the Anglers restaurant in Campbell River. It was a quaint spot with amazing views of the river, with optional seating outside on their patio. The food is fresh and unique. The ingredients are well prepared daily and the chef has a great eye for plating. Needless to say, I was surprised at how sophisticated Anglers really was, especially having come from Vancouver into the tiny town of Campbell River. (Don't underestimate!) All the flavours were there, the presentation was beautiful and the service was fantastic. Also be sure to have their house made bread (made daily!) It is absolutely delicious. 

Food: House Cured + Smoked Meats, Variety of House Pickles, Horseradish Aioli, Craft Beer Mustard, Celery Root, Lavosh Crackers. House Togarashi Crust, Smoked Strawberry Ponzu, Sesame Sticky Rice, Grilled Bok Choy, Wasabi Cucumber Pearls. Dark Chocolate + Espresso Torte with raspberry coulis, and a special of Pavlova. 
Made by: Anglers
Location: 4125 Discovery Dr, Campbell River BC.

Loam | Dining in Galway, Ireland

Loam was truly a unique dining experience. I traveled to Ireland just over a year ago and had made Galway a stop during the week I was in the country. A small town with great food and people, Galway should be on your places to go to. 

Loam was on the list of things to do. The food sounded amazingly different and all the chefs have managed to create a seasonal, fresh produce, simple but creative menu. There is also a wine bar inside the restaurant, and it's located just off the Eyre Square in the city. 

We had many amuse bouches (that which I cannot recall) however they were all very good. 

The courses we ordered were from the à la carte side, as there were four of us willing to order each item on the menu and rotate (this way you get to try EVERYTHING as oppose to everyone having the same thing on the set menu which the entire table has to participate.)

Service was friendly and wonderful. If we had questions, the staff were very willing to help. Overall we had a great time and enjoyed all the food. If you get the chance to be in Galway, please go and experience Loam. 

Duck hearts, nettle & little gem

Duck hearts, nettle & little gem

Crab, cabbage, yogurt, dill

Crab, cabbage, yogurt, dill

Beef tartare, egg, salted gooseberry

Beef tartare, egg, salted gooseberry

Monkfish, cuttlefish, squid and kale

Monkfish, cuttlefish, squid and kale

Pork belly, malt, turnip and radish

Pork belly, malt, turnip and radish

Cod, hazelnut, broccoli and dillisk

Cod, hazelnut, broccoli and dillisk

Lamb, spring cabbage and saltwort

Lamb, spring cabbage and saltwort

Baby potatoes

Baby potatoes

Brûlée egg yolk, goat's milk, burnt butter and hay.

Brûlée egg yolk, goat's milk, burnt butter and hay.

Rhubarb, buttermilk, milk crumb and sorrel

Rhubarb, buttermilk, milk crumb and sorrel

Made by: Loam
Location: Geata na Cathrach, Fairgreen, Galway

Torafuku | Dining in Vancouver

A great spot for sharing plates and having delicious cocktails (during or not during happy hour). They also have a delicious sake list, including one of our favourite producers, Kozaemon Brewery. 

Torafuku features some great dishes with great ingredients, such as fresh seafood like octopus, or rice bowls and a very unique ramen bowl. There are different combinations of foods in each dish and they all have particularly delicious flavours. If you want a unique and tasty experience, Torafuku proves to be quite intriguing. The menu does change and the cocktails as well. 

Be sure to check them out in the Chinatown area of Vancouver! 

Food & Beverage: Bison Grass Fizz Cocktail, Ramen Bowl, Rice Cakes with Pork, Calamari, Octopus and Tuna poke, Egg and cream mushroom rice bowl, Oolong Infused Yuzu Jello Dessert with condense milk and crispy salted caramel.
Made by: Torafuku
Location: 958 Main Street, Vancouver

Market Table | Dining in NYC

New Yorkers! If you’re looking for a fun, fresh and tasty place for lunch, Market Table is a great spot to hit up in the West Village.  Last October, I visited my family in New York City, and we had a fantastic lunch here. All the ingredients were in season and delicious. It was very much comfort food but with a twist of sophistication. We started with the quinoa hushpuppies, which were very hot to the touch but extremely unique and paired well with a spicy aioli. We all ordered our own dishes. I had the seasonal butternut squash risotto side dish that was being served at the time. As a side dish, it was a great portion and not over cooked, and the flavours were all there. That butternut squash really shined throughout the dish. Others had the cheeseburger, the grilled flatbread with truffle mushrooms and caramelized onions, and lastly the beef carpaccio with alfalfa sprouts and croutons. All very delectable! 

Overall, the restaurant was very accommodating and helpful with making wine and food choices. We enjoyed the large windows that surrounded the room; it was such a delightful experience.
I would definitely go back any day for a superb lunch. I would also love to try their dinner menu!

PS: Their cocktails are very good and at the time they had a special cocktail of the day! Be sure to make reservations as they do get booked up very quickly. Bon Appetit! 

Food: Quinoa Hushpuppies, Cheese Burger, Truffled Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions Flatbread, Butternut Squash Risotto, and the Beef Carpaccio. 
Made by: Market Table
Location: 54 Carmine Street, New York, NY

Kinome | Dining in Vancouver

One of my favourite spots for traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine is on West Broadway called Kinome (Kee-no-may). It is a gem found here in Vancouver, where there’s sashimi, sushi, and classic hot dishes like tamago (which is freshly made to order) and chawanmushi (also made to order).  The great thing about Kinome, is that you can order Omakase – a menu set by the chef, serving their best and in season ingredients.

They make their own soba noodles and they are very tasty and have great texture to them. The menu has a variety of specials and is always changing.

The sake list isn’t extensive but offers a great and exquisite collection of sakes.

The food is locally sourced from throughout BC and the seafood is Oceanwise.

Kinome is a great place for a romantic evening, and a journey through proper Japanese fare.  Be sure to make reservations in advance.

Food: Chawanmushi, Fresh Sashimi, Homemade Soba, Freshly Made Tamago,
and a Special of Seared Tuna.
Made by: Kinome Japanese Restaurant
Location: 2511 West Broadway, Vancouver

Flashback Friday! Pasta pasta pasta… | Dining in Seattle, WA

Pasta, pasta, pasta… that’s what it’s all about today! The best kind of pasta: handmade, fresh, served al dente. That’s what Il Corvo is all about. This restaurant is now one of many an institutions in downtown Seattle. They create magnificent, handmade pastas for all the lunch goers in town. Only open from 11am – 3pm, they manage to sell out almost every day. It’s insane how amazing their rigatoni tastes and any of their daily specials do not disappoint. The sauces, the texture of the different types of pasta served; they have the power to bring you the tastes of Italy (but in Seattle.)

Currently, they are serving a very simple pappardelle alla Bolognese (which is always delicious, as you will see in the photo the Bolognese is served with rigatoni) as a special and Gigli pasta with spicy pancetta tomato sauce and dandelion greens – talk about yummy!!

Make sure you get there right at 11 to beat the usual lunch rush. The line can be long and you can save a seat if your friend is waiting in line. But the wait is absolutely worth it – it CAN be very quick if you get there before the rush!

Bon Appetito! 

Food: Rigatoni Bolognese, Casarecce with spicy tomato and greens.
Made by: Il Corvo
Location: 217 James St, Seattle WA


Doughnut Plant | New York City

Last summer, my boyfriend and I spent a day in the city with two of our best friends; a day of pure gluttony. We made sure that one of our stops was at The Doughnut Plant. Famous for their variety of doughnuts served fresh every day, The Doughnut Plant did not disappoint.

Naturally we had to try every doughnut that was being served that day… 8 doughnuts later, I think we were pretty satisfied.

There are three options to choose from:

1) Yeast doughnuts: which are super light and fluffy

2) Cake doughnuts: literally what it sounds like, a doughnut cake or pound cake


3) Filled doughnuts: we had strawberry jam, custard and creams inside some of the ones we tried

Every day there are new flavours and classics being sold. The line is usually out the door and you have to be on the ball if you want the Tres Leches because not only is it the best seller, but it’s practically sold out every time they decide to sell it. Unfortunately we were part of that majority who missed out that particular day.

All the yeast doughnuts were amazing - airy and tasty. For me, the cakey ones were not my cup of tea. Unless you’re looking for a meal in itself, then I'd make sure you take a bite out of a cake one. However, the filled doughnuts were to die for! Anything that is jam filled to begin with is a winner with me! (Yes, the key to my heart is jam filled anything, no joke.) I think what also made our experience was being able to walk a few blocks to Madison Square Park and enjoy them in front of the Flatiron building, where there is free seating along the streets.

All the ingredients are of the highest quality and are all natural, and apparently sometimes organic too! They make ALL of their jam fillings (no wonder they’re so darn delicious), and they only use ingredients when they’re in season.  You can read more about their menu here.

Mark, who basically took it on his own to continue his father’s legacy in baking, has made a huge success of his family. And it all started with Mark’s grandfather when he was baking at 16. Three generations in a family, working to create one dream; what an incredible story.  Staying true to family recipes, the Doughnut Plant is doing extremely well. Now there are four locations alone in New York City and 9 bakeries in Tokyo! Be sure to check their homepage on their website for specials.  Treat yourself to a doughnut. After all, it’s Friday!

Location: The Doughnut Plant at Hotel Chelsea in NYC
Food: Doughnuts
Made by: The Doughnut Plant