Jamie's Italian | Dining in Covent Garden, London

If you're looking for a spot to grab an enjoyable and casual bite to eat, Jamie's Italian never fails in London. Their Carbonara pasta is our go-to as well as their cocktail selection. The cocktails are always on par and the specials are changing with the seasons. The fries never disappoint, the pork crackling is airy and crunchy, and on top of that their calamari is superb. 

2017-04-17 14.05.07.jpg

Food: Calamari, Pork Crackling, Cobbler Cocktail Special, Spaghetti Carbonara, Fries, Gin & Elderflower Cordial Cocktail Special, Panna Cotta with berries and crumble.
Made by: Jamie's Italian
Location: Covent Garden, 11 Upper St Martin's Lane, London

Nook | Dining in Vancouver

Although it's a bit of a line to get on most days, Nook is a great spot for that Italian meal you've been craving. From their pizzas to their pastas, and their cocktails and desserts, the food at Nook does not disappoint. We love the fact that their pastas are cooked al dente (as they should be) and their pizza's crusts are the perfect thickness and filled with flavour. Their Negroni's are very good and very potent. The service is fast pace once you're sat down, and always with a smile. The ambiance in Nook is hustling and bustling with great tunes and people. The fun part about Nook is that it's right on the waterfront near Kitsilano Beach (literally across the street). So after dinner on a summer's night, you can go for a relaxing stroll to help your tummy digest from all the gourmet Italian food you've subjected yourself to.

You can never go wrong when dining at Nook, we will definitely be back! 

Food: Funghi pizza, Gnocchi and baby meatballs, Caserecce with Italian sausage, roast fennel, olives, tomato and chilies.
Made by: Nook Restaurant
Location: 1525 Yew St. Vancouver.

Enoteca Sociale

An absolute favourite. Italian, family styled dining is one of my favourites. I of course have to blog about Enoteca Sociale because a) it's definitely a number one of mine in Toronto and b) it's just so good! IMG_8637

Opened not long ago, this Enoteca has so many things working for them. They are welcoming, the service is superb and they know what they're talking about! Moreover, if you want to taste the best of italian food (or as close as you're going to get to it) with local produce, Sociale has it all. The menu has changed every time that I've been and has not failed me once. From antipastis like their house-cured meats, to their home-made pastas (which is a huge seller for me), everything is delicious.

The last time I went I got to enjoy bone marrow - decadent and so worth it - as well as various pasta dishes from spaghetti to ravioli... Pork chop was another entrée that I got to taste (simple dish but juicy nonetheless).IMG_8638

That evening, a sticky toffee pudding (the best in Toronto might I add), a lemon pudding, and a butter tart with a chocolate filling was offered on the menu.

I highly recommend Enetoca Sociale, but make sure you make reservations WELL in advanced (I usually book at least two weeks in advanced!) Enjoy!