Buvette | NYC

Who would have thought to stop into a cafe, on a summer's day in NYC... just about everyone. Checking out new places to eat and drink or boutiques is one of my favourite things to do while I'm in the big apple. Buvette is a little cafe on Waverly Place, that serves fantastic french cuisine. Their cocktails were what actually caught my eye on their website, as they offered classics, moderns, and completely new ones I had never heard of. My boyfriend had a refreshing cocktail made with lemons (can't entirely remember what it was but it was quite delicious). I felt like quenching my thirst after having been cooped up in the apartment and coming out into the hot and muggy city: a Pimm's Cup. It did the trick.

No reservations, but they serve all day: snacks and entrees for everyone. Feeling a little peckish, I decided to order their steak tartare. Very good! Slightly spiced and very tasty.

Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner - take your pick! At around 4pm there aren't many people, but enough who are enjoying cocktails and or a light snack before dinner. You might even be able to do some celebrity spotting if you keep your eyes open!

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As you enter through the revolving doors, the delicate smell of flowers swarms the dim lit lobby. Known for having its 3 Michelin stars, Daniel has made its mark in the big apple. Daniel Boulud created an astounding menu, filled with so many choices: fish, meats, and the dessert menu was the hardest of all to choose from. Once we had walked through the lobby, passing the very cool-looking bar, we entered the main dining room. High ceilings, largely arranged, bunches flowers on the back walls, the dining room seated more than 20 tables. There were columns that surrounded the outer section of the dining room. The service was fantastic, as everyone was very accommodating to our needs.IMG_0338 Daniel's cocktail list (pricy) had an array of liqueurs. The White Cosmo was absolutely the way to go - hints of elderflower, lime juice, white cranberry and vodka - not a cocktail to miss! Give the Bitter Blues a go too!

Being my 21st birthday, this experience was the best dining experience I'd had in a while. The food was presented so beautifully and tasted like each ingredient was meant to be there on your plate. It was all to die for! Going with a larger party has its perks: you get to share and try one another's dishes! I had their mosaic of squab - essentially a terrine of squab - followed by a trio of veal. The flavours were there, everything was cooked right to perfection and overall, the dishes that we had ordered were all up-to-par. Be sure to try out their fish on the menu (the turbot is apparently a great hit!)

I have to say, desserts were the wow! factor for me. Not only did I receive a little birthday surprise of chocolate and hazelnut cakes, but having ordered several desserts on top, it was an amazing experience to try all the different sorts of sorbets, meringues, fruits and more... As you'll see in the photos, Daniel really hit it out of the park for me. After having read reviews, heard people say many things about the renown restaurant, Daniel Boulud has made it into my good books - officially! I have to thank the Baptista family for such a wonderful experience and a great birthday celebration.

PS: We got to go into the kitchen to see the chefs at work! Unfortunately Daniel was away but nonetheless, it was very cool to see how things worked.

Flashback Friday with Le Bernadin

One of the most amazing lunches I have ever experienced. La Bernadin is infamous for its quality tasting food, its service and has been around for many years in New York. The food is so very refined and each bite of the tasting menu we had was so delicate tasting. Expensive but a once in a lifetime experience to be had by every foodie. The little things really do count: my purse was originally placed hanging on my chair, but a server came with a stool and placed it beside my chair. He then told me that the handbag could sit on the stool for the remainder of my stay. Talk about charming!

The fish, the sauces and gorgeous but simple displays on each plate made each dish a memorable one. Be sure to book way ahead for an experience of a lifetime.

Flashback Friday with Dos Toros!

Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas... you got it! Dos Toros in NYC just off Union Square was opened by two brothers from the Bay Area in San Francisco. They wanted to offer a taqueria that uses high quality ingredients that were fresh and local. Their burritos that they offer are your basic Carnitas ($7.81) and Carne Asada ($8.27) and they all come with beans and rice. The same ingredients are included in the tacos but instead with cheese, salsa and sour cream. The quesadillas include the same toppings as the tacos and they offer the same meats (pork, chicken, steak and your basic rice and beans). You are encouraged to add a bit of guac to any of the options given on the menu. Salads and sides (like chips and salsa for $2.07 or with guac for $3.22) are on the menu too. Dos Toros is a great snack place and super fast so you can take it to go or chow down inside. I would recommend eating at the restaurant due to the messiness that comes along with eating these meant-to-be, handheld food items.

Dos Toros also have a location in the Upper East Side and West Village. Click here for their full addresses.


Osteria Morini - Soho, NYC

Talk about over 10 home-made pastas to choose from! Renown chef, Michael White, opened Osteria Morini in New York City in Soho and  as well in New Jersey. This young, upcoming restaurant has received fantastic reviews and has been packed through Monday to Saturday every week! It's never not busy. Morini offers an italian home-styled setting and the food compliments the atmosphere. With antipastis to start, pasta to follow and if you're feeling ambitious a main course after that, you are sure to enjoy a wonderful experience at chef White's italian escape. IMG_8743

With their own cured meats, I highly suggest ordering a platter to share ($11 per choice, $19 for three and $29 for five). From prosciutto to bresaola, there are plenty to choose from. They also offer crostini which you can pick what toppings you'd like to accompany your one piece ($6) or three pieces ($16) or five pieces ($28). Veal Crudo, tonnato and a hard boiled egg, rabbit with porcini, cherries and orange, or even smoked trout with olives and sour cream could be a choice to have on your crostinis.

The menu has A LOT to offer, and it's great when you can have so many choices (it only asks that you come back to try the other items you hadn't). Entrées consist of many seafood options like that of Branzino, grilled mediterranean sea bass, and meats like that of duck breast ($28) or braised short ribs ($30). Oh and don't forget about the grilled meats and spit roasts they offer (yes, pork, lamb or a 32 oz dry aged prime NY strip steak for two for $79)... crazy!

Lastly, I was the only one who ate dessert that night, but I had a chocolate hazelnut cake with chocolate zabaglione and olive oil gelato ($11) TO SAY THE LEAST. AMAZING. Such a simple dessert but one of my favourites! Olive oil gelato was delicious!


There is always the case where you cannot decide for yourself on what you might order so they have offered a prix fixe menu available for $70 per person. Learn more here.

Overall I had a pleasurable experience in the living room like restaurant of an old italian barn house. The decor speaks to the 1700s farmlands of Italy. The noise level is pretty moderate but it's a lot of fun to be immersed in such close proximities with other tables whilst dining. The bar menu runs from 5pm-11pm and offer unique drinks and cocktails as well as a large wine menu.

Why go here? Well if you're in NYC I highly suggest Morini because of its home-styled cooking and comfort when dining. It's not pretentious whatsoever and affordable for being in the city. Having dined at many italian restaurants in the big apple, Osteria Morini landed a top spot on my list. Everything tasted absolutely true to the restaurant's roots.  Buon Appetito!