Paseo's | Tribute Thursday

Sadly, an institution has closed its doors in Seattle, Washington. It was by far a favourite of every local and tourist (definitely one of mine). The bread by Macrina, the fresh ingredients in every sandwich - just the combination of grilled onions on top of parsley and shrimp and everything you'd want in a perfect sandwich. Paseo's shut earlier this month and will most likely not reopen... (anyone know how to make their delicious sandwiches??) You can read the latest news here.

I hate to tempt you all, but the website IS posted below and you can imagine the sandwiches when you're looking at the menu... it is a sad and unfortunate occurrence, but Paseo's will forever be remembered. Lucky for me I got to taste the heavenly creations a couple times. For those of you who weren't so lucky, let's keep our fingers crossed something just as good (or even better) comes along.


paseo grilled shrimp sandwich

Feature: Paseo's Caribbean Sandwiches