Sushi Donut by DoDo Sushi | Dining in Vancouver

Well talk about something different, we know they've been around but we finally got to try them! The sushi donut by DoDo sushi is a) huge b) tasty and c) just crazy! They give the choice of having either ebi, tuna or salmon on your donut or you can do half and half! The rest of the japanese fare is quite tasty (and large in portion at this establishment) so be sure to stop by and give them a try!

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Location: DoDo Sushi, 4443 W. 10th Ave, Vancouver BC.
Food: Tuna and Salmon Sushi Donut

Green Leaf Sushi Café | Dining in Vancouver

Green Leaf sushi is quite the small restaurant, however they serve a fully loaded menu. The options seem endless at this establishment - fresh sashimi, ozisushi and decadent cooked dishes. Uni is currently in season, and as a special they're serving uni udon! We will definitely find ourselves visiting Green Leaf sushi often. The service is good, the food is great, and they take reservations in the evenings. Be sure to get in line early for lunch service - it's absolutely chaotic after 12pm (they open at 11am). If you want that sushi fix, be sure to head to into the Kitsilano area for a treat!

Food: Hamachi, Uni and Toro Sashimi, Pressed sushi or boxed sushi - Ozisushi,
and negitoro rolls and Tobiko Nigiri.
Made by: Green Leaf Sushi Café
Location: 3416 West Broadway, Vancouver

Kinome | Dining in Vancouver

One of my favourite spots for traditional and authentic Japanese cuisine is on West Broadway called Kinome (Kee-no-may). It is a gem found here in Vancouver, where there’s sashimi, sushi, and classic hot dishes like tamago (which is freshly made to order) and chawanmushi (also made to order).  The great thing about Kinome, is that you can order Omakase – a menu set by the chef, serving their best and in season ingredients.

They make their own soba noodles and they are very tasty and have great texture to them. The menu has a variety of specials and is always changing.

The sake list isn’t extensive but offers a great and exquisite collection of sakes.

The food is locally sourced from throughout BC and the seafood is Oceanwise.

Kinome is a great place for a romantic evening, and a journey through proper Japanese fare.  Be sure to make reservations in advance.

Food: Chawanmushi, Fresh Sashimi, Homemade Soba, Freshly Made Tamago,
and a Special of Seared Tuna.
Made by: Kinome Japanese Restaurant
Location: 2511 West Broadway, Vancouver

Kingyo Toronto

Not to be confused with Kingyo in Vancouver, Koji San recently opened Kingyo Toronto in Cabbagetown.

The second you walk into the large, open space, the glowing and flashy casino machines are the first thing that capture your attention. From Japan, these machines were flown in especially to create an old school feel with stone like walls. Pots of water, filled with little coy fish/goldfish are placed throughout the restaurant (be sure to check the one just outside the bathroom.) A large table also has its centre filled with water and more fish to look at.

The food as you can see, was super tasty and fun to look at. The presentation was impressive and the taste pretty much matched what you saw. Simple foods, turned into glamorous and delicious dishes. My favourite of the night came at dessert - the green tea brûlée was amazing!! I've had them before elsewhere but these ones were so true to the taste of proper green tea. Lastly, what topped my night off was the frozen grapes in a vase. I had no idea what I was looking at but flowers in a vase. But with a second take, I then came to realize, "wow! Grapes!" The perfect last touch to just clear your palette. Koji San, thank you for a wonderful and memorable meal!

Affordable and great location, Kingyo Toronto will definitely be a hit for a while. This city needs a simple, japanese restaurant that provides great products of all sorts: fish, vegetables, meat - you name it! Check them out here.