Osteria ciceri e tria

IMG_5556 From the owner of Terroni in Toronto, Osteria ciceri e tria is located on Victoria St. and Queen St. in downtown Toronto. I have been a number of times and have had delicious italian meals served to me and friends. Homemade pastas are a specialty: their Agnello ($16) and Cavatelli ($16) are a hit! The pastas are also included in the secondi part of their menu: a pappardelle of wild boar recently ($25) and a tagliolini ai porcini ($25).


The restaurant is connected to their sister restaurant La Bettola (or  The Hole in the Wall). Terroni's have their own cured meats and desserts are traditionally italian and sometimes with a twist.

The atmosphere is quite unique: as you enter the restaurant you can see the cured meats storage and immediately both restaurants. Osteria ciceri e tria is more refined that it's next door restaurant, and offers a lot more in food, wine and cocktails.


I encourage everyone to try at least one of the Terroni restaurants (I have yet to try them all but please let me know if you do or have!) I love italian homemade pastas and authentic dishes. Family style or sharing amongst yourselves at these venues is a must as you'll want to try everything that's on the menu.