Ursa Minor? URSA Major!

URSA - relatively new to the restaurant scene in Toronto located on Queen St. West. A take on contemporary Canadian food, but also values the nutrients of its products. Very much like comfort food, the menu offers a variety of meats and fish and plenty of vegetables (as written up on Toronto Life: "Greens are compressed in a vacuum to create the texture and feel of blanching, without the nutrient-harming boiling water.") The dining room is dim and loud, accompanied the bar on your right as you walk into the restaurant. The cocktail menu is great - there's all sorts of cocktails for everyone. The service was fantastic - everyone was super friendly and if we had any questions about the menu, they knew their stuff! One thing that was memorable was a dish with crickets in a salad - wild and fun, and utterly creative. Some might be a bit shocked by the fact that bugs are on the plate but honest to God, they tasted like chips. Even more memorable, the desserts they had to offer were unique and delectable. Overall, I was impressed after the reviews I had heard from friends and family about URSA. I would definitely head back for a second time around. A great atmosphere and the food hits the spot.