Kissa Tanto | Dining in Vancouver

Voted 2nd best in Vancouver, and ranked in the top 20 in Canada, Kissa Tanto has quite the reputation, but does it have the consistency it takes to stay on top? We took a chance on this odd but uniquely decorated location. As you walk in, you're taken into a retro chic world. The service is friendly and very knowledgeable - everyone was such a foodie!

The appetizers were quite tasty; we experienced their wagyu tartare (carne crudo), which was quite decadent for a starter, and then had the eggplant fritters which were quite largely sized deep fried balls. The porchetta agnolotti was really well made - the pasta was cooked perfectly and the thickness of the agnolotti was precise. The insides however did not entirely taste of porchetta, more of a ham than the smoky and meaty flavours we had hoped for.

We then had a taste of the slow-cooked wagyu steak. This was definitely a wow! Everything you're looking for in a wagyu: a melt-in-your-mouth experience. The special that evening was a pork belly - which was massive but it was divine. Lastly, the dessert of the night was tiramisu. Airy, light, fluffy, not too sweet and just purely indulgent; the tiramisu won our hearts.

We highly recommend you make a reservation (well in advance) to dine at Kissa Tanto. The wine list includes all sorts including sake, as seen in the carafe in the images below. Kissa Tanto's fusion of Asian and Italian cuisines, proves that fusion culinary can be done.

Food: Carne Cruda - Snake River Farms wagyu, pearl onion petals, salt, charred scallino sauce, parmesan, arima sansho, fresh herbs, gnocco frito, Frittelle di Melanzane - garlic eggplant fritter, Porchetta Agnolotti, Wagyu Lifter Steak - 24hr slow cooked, fermented cabbage, Calabrian chili and parmesan, Special of Pork Belly, Dessert Special of Tiramisu.
Made by: Kissa Tanto
Location: 263 East Pender Street, Vancouver

The Arbor Restaurant | Dining in Vancouver

Now we aren't ones to usually rave about anywhere that doesn't serve meat, however, there's always the exception. The Arbor Restaurant on Main St, offers a variety of vegetarian dishes that will just make you say, 'wow'! It's like some genius came up with the incredible idea of turning good old vegetables into something unusually fantastic. Take their Southern Fried Artichoke Sandwich for example,  battered and fried artichoke with eggplant bacon (yes eggplant bacon), avocado mousse, spicy mayo, cheddar cheese, jalapeno pepper (careful they are hot!) all between a ciabatta bun. I swear, it was like there was meat in the sandwich but there really isn't. They have quite a bit of deep fry on the menu, from fried oyster mushrooms, broccoli popcorn (crispy fried broccoli), onion rings, and even poutine (duh it's vegetarian!) The Arbor does not disappoint. Definitely a lunch joint to be visited, and they're also open for dinner. Oh and don't forget their chocolate mousse parfait - the praline crumble just tops it off. They also offer a great wine list, so be sure to check The Arbor out!

Food: Fried oysters - lightly battered oyster mushrooms with a creamy dill sauce, The Southern Fried Artichoke Sandwich - battered and fried artichoke with eggplant bacon, avocado mousse, spicy mayo, cheddar cheese, and jalapeno peppers all between a ciabatta bun, Tacos - poblano peppers, cremini mushroom, jalapeno, roasted tomato salsa, cashew creme fraiche, and avocado mousse.
Made by: The Arbor Restaurant
Location: 3941 Main Street, Vancouver

Anh & Chi | Dining in Vancouver

Talk about a stunning make-over and change-over for Phó Hoang! Anh & Chi can be seen as the child product of its parent restaurant Phó Hoang which had been an institution in Vancouver. However, that institution has proved that it can go through an evolution without dampening its ever so tasty noodles and rice bowls. Anh & Chi brings modernity to a Vietnamese restaurant. Chicken wings, banh mi, pho bowls, spring rolls (which are by the way, so crispy and very tasty with basil), rice bowls plus more is what you can expect to find at this establishment. As a current hot spot, Anh & Chi is always busy for lunch and dinner - reservations are only taken for dinner service. So be sure to show up early before the line up begins. 

Food: Spring rolls, Beef pho bowl, and Chicken wings.
Made by: Anh & Chi
Location: 3388 Main Street, Vancouver

Nightingale | Dining In Vancouver

After having heard mixed reviews about Nightingale, one day we decided to check it out for ourselves. The restaurant, also owned by the same group as Hawksworth Restaurant, offers what they call "fresh and vibrant modern Canadian cuisine" and I think they're on the right track. Vegetables, pastas, pizzas and more are what you can find at this trendy establishment. It's definitely a place to be seen. The bar offers a wide range of cocktails and beverages, and on top of that their menu alone is extensive. There was so much to choose from it was simply overwhelming - so make sure you dine with lots of your friends and family. 

The cocktail featured here is their seasonal special we had during the summer, a Sherry Cobbler. It was a mix of a few different types of sherries - it was absolutely delicious! 

The food was very tasty and we were very happy with the quality of all the ingredients presented to us. We will definitely be back to try the many dishes we didn't get to taste! 

Food & Beverage: Sherry Cobbler - Fino + Amontillado were definitely in the cocktail, can't remember what else... either way it was fantastic, Burrata & anchovy on toast with peperonata and parsley, Crispy fried chicken with preserved lemon yogurt, dill and espelette, Cavatelli with braised wild boar, grilled kale and roasted apple.
Made by: Nightingale Restaurant
Location: 1017 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver.

Grapes & Soda | Dining in Vancouver

If you're looking for a fun and cozy place for a cocktail this weekend, hit up Grapes & Soda in Vancouver. This tiny restaurant / bar is a great venue for catching up with friends after a long week. Their cocktails are all original and made by the talented Satoshi Yonemori, who by the way is a genius when it comes to mixing up your beverage of choice. The image you see is from last year's summer menu - I cannot for the life of me remember what exactly was in it except for the beets that give this cocktail it's fuchsia colour. All I can say is I wasn't disappointed as it was very creative and tasty. Happy Friday!  

Restaurant: Grapes & Soda
Location: 1541 W 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1R1 

Long's Noodle House | Dining In Vancouver

You wouldn’t be too keen on walking into an establishment like Long’s… the outside is run down and it looks tiny from the outside (it is pretty small inside). However, it is almost always busy and filled up mid day. They are open for dinner too, but Long’s Noodle House is a great stop for a quick lunch between your work shifts, or a quick and cheap dinner.

This restaurant has been in Vancouver for quite some time now. Having always heard good things about it, I finally decided to give it a go earlier this year… and I wasn’t disappointed! 

Must haves: XLB (Xia Long Bao) the juicy pork dumplings – the skins are thin and the soup is hot. Second, the drunken chicken – even though the serving is in a small clay bowl, don’t be fooled, as it is enough for two people to snack on. Third, the Tan Tan Noodles – usually I don’t go for this sort of noodle bowl because the noodles tend to always be soggy and horrible and the soup is way too thick. BUT thanks to Longs, I can say that this is by far the best Tan Tan noodles I’ve had in a while. 

Be sure to either get here at an off time or for an earlier lunch as it does get busy or make a reservation to guarantee you can get a seat. They are closed on Tuesdays and it is cash only. 

Food: Juicy Pork Dumplings, Tan Tan Noodles
Restaurant: Longs Noodle House
Location: 4853 Main Street
VancouverBC V5V 3R9

Fable | Vancouver Dining

 If you're looking for fresh ingredients with a twist, Fable is the place for you. I've found that, "Farm to table," has been a popular theme in Vancouver. Everyone is into fresh, local (and sometimes organic) produce - a great way to promote the amazing products BC has to offer. I found Fable Restaurant to be a great dining experience (minus the extreme heat you'll experience during the summer inside) that has tasty dishes and great service. I'll definitely be back at some point to see what's new.

From top to bottom: Rhubarb and strawberry soda with Fable syrup. Trout tartare. Spaghetti and Meatball with duck jus inside and a parmesan sauce (my favourite!). Schnitzel special.

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Restaurant Fable